How to save money with 7 tips ordering on Fiverr?

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As per the latest data, one in three entrepreneurs turn to freelancers for help with coding the previous year. There is immense demand for freelancers but how to find the best in your domain? Want to get the most out of your experience as a buyer on Fiverr while making sure that you don’t overspend? Here are some of the top Fiverr tips that you can follow to work better and to save money.

Save your favorites

Searching on Fiverr can sometimes seem like searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack. Whenever you end up finding the right service, you need to make sure that you don’t forget you hired for your task. To avoid the situation, make sure that you save them for later to a separate collection just like you would do on Pinterest.

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Always contact the seller before buying

The best thing about Fiverr is that it allows the buyers and sellers to message each other before placing an order. Even if you have found the right gig that seems to fit your requirements well, you need to make sure that you don’t rush into hitting the button to place that order.

Take some time to go through the brief description of what is being offered right next to the Contact me button on the seller’s profile. Contacting them will give you the opportunity to see the seller’s reply and learn a little more about them. Once you have gone through the different replies from the sellers, you will be able to make a better choice in selecting the best seller for your task.  

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Perform a trial run before assigning a bigger project

If you have a major project of value over $100, then make sure to assign a small project first to gauge the seller quality. Consider a small trial order with 2-3 different sellers. This way you will be able to keep unwanted surprises at bay.

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Always negotiate

Before requesting an offer, you need to make sure to take a few moments to think about what budget you would be comfortable with. Leave the budget field blank while posting a request. If the offers seem overpriced, then you can politely turn them down. Fiverr can connect you to a seller who can be flexible and can offer a better deal. This way you would be able to save money while ordering on Fiverr. For instance, if you are looking for TikTok followers and likes on your social media account, then you can try to negotiate the price with different sellers.  

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Purchase add-ons/extras

You can always purchase extras or add-ons on Fiverr. The additional services can be purchased in no time and also allow you to opt for additional revision from the seller you have already worked with on a project. Instead of looking for a new seller to work on the project, it is always best to hire the same individual who has already worked on it. This will also help you save money as they already know what they need to do.

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Build relationships

This is one of the most valuable tips that you must not ignore. If you have found a seller who is good at their job, then it is best not to go looking for a different one. If you can be considerate and stick to them, then the chances are that they would provide you the service for a discounted rate. Usually, freelancers prefer clients who work with them for the long term. 

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Join the Fiverr community

Want more tips on how to save money while ordering on Fiverr? An official Fiverr forum is a great place for engaging with people. You can also ask a question in the community or browse the FAQs to learn how you can save money while placing requests for any projects. Learn from the experts in the community. 

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