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Hi, My name is Aki – I’m the owner of Grow Your Influence...

I’m driven by a passion for lifting up and empowering others to grow their online exposure, business ventures, and income. With a strong digital background and a hard work ethic, I understand how to navigate the ever-changing online world to help others reach their social goals.

From spaces like Tik Tok and Instagram to SoundCloud and YouTube, my expertise dives deep across several key platforms. My goal is to eliminate the guesswork involved when trying to learn and grow your social presence, where I will guide you each step along the way.

Together, we’re sure to create monumental success.


Originally from small-town Finland, I started my career in electrical and automation engineering. I’ve always been grounded in working hard to succeed, but also knew I wanted to find a career that equally fulfilled my heart.

I followed that passion, dug deep, was committed to learning a new trade. In short order I began to see little victories, and from there started Grow Your Influence to build that momentum and also begin to help others make their digital mark.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many clients whose success stories are a true testament to the limitless potential available to you – if you take the chance.


Simply put, I want to help others find financial and personal independence through their own online platforms. Opportunities are constantly evolving, and success is often just one step away.


Find your freedom by working for yourself and following your passions.

Values I align myself and my business with include:

  • Authenticity: showing up as your true self, with an open mind and heart
  • Determination: knowing that we are all capable of what we set our minds to
  • Integrity: working hard to deliver the best possible product, at all times
  • Innovation: integrating creative thinking to inspire everything we do

– Aki


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How Our Buyers Feel

  • “Highly knowledgeable seller with an invaluable service for creating organic growth. More than pleased with the service and will absolutely use it again in the future.”

  • “An awesome job well done. I always get great results and fast! If you are on a tight budget like most of us this is a great promo gig!!”

  • Gave my new post a nice kickstart!